How did you get the information that is on this site?

All information provided on this website is public information in the State of Florida. All information obtained is gathered from public voter registration records, which are freely available to anyone who requests them. Due to the public domain status of the information, it may be collected, stored, and distributed.

The information on this website for my record/someone else's record is not accurate.

All information is stored and displayed unmodified. If your records are inaccurate on this site, it means your records are inaccurate in the Florida Department of State's database and you should contact them. Information displayed on this site is updated approximately once a month. When new records are released by the State of Florida, this website is promptly updated.

Is my information secure?

All information on this website is by definition public information. As such, there is nothing to secure. All one needs to do to get a full copy of this information is to send a request to the Florida Division of Elections.

How many individual records are on this website?

This website can currently display the records of 13,679,287 individuals. It maintains 162,360,007 historical records.

When was the data last updated?

The last updated data is as of July 13, 2024

Where can I get access to this public data?

Information on how to obtain raw data files can be found on the Florida Division of Elections website.